What Almost No One Knows About Technology

solar panelSolar Panel Mounts: Different Things to Consider When installing a solar energy system, the more important thing to consider is the construction and build of your solar panel mounts. The success of any solar energy system will depend on the amount of sunlight that is able to be trapped and converted into usable energy. The key is that the mounting must be right in order to have the sunlight hitting the solar panels, if the mounts are wrong and the sun does not hit the panels then your investment will be wasted. You can break solar setups down into two simple categories; mobile and non-mobile. Solar panel mounts will need to be made out of strong materials because they will need to stand up to the weather conditions and last for many years. Aluminum, iron, wood and steel are the four most common materials that solar mounts are made of. Aluminum is good because it is lightweight and will not corrode, but although it is easy to work with it is very hard to weld. Angle iron is strong but it is not good for wet environments because it corrodes quickly. Your cheapest and easiest to find alternative will be wood, although this might not stand up very well to the weather over time. The best option is stainless steel, this can hold up to a lot of different weather but it will be the most expensive. When mounting your solar panel you will need to take into account the wind and the angle. If you are unsure how to mount or the best way to mount your solar panel you may want to speak with a local contractor. When it comes to buying and installing a solar mount you will want to look at the worst possible weather that can hit your home and plan based off of that.
Why No One Talks About Technology Anymore
You can get a tracker for your solar panels, if you do this you should get one that requires very little energy such as a single axis tracker. A tracker will let you solar panels shift so they will soak up as much sun as possible. To make sure the tracker stays in one place you will want to use concrete and bolts to anchor it.
What Research About Technology Can Teach You
You may also choose to place your solar panels on the roof of your home, this can be more complicated than placing them on the ground or on a pole. If not mounted professionally, you are very likely to get leaks in your roof over time. If this happens then your home could become severely damaged. However the advantage is that it will take up less room and will have better access to the sun.

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